Hunter Valley, Australia

Bio: I am a twenty something university graduate with a lot of opinions and dreams. I want to see the world, and I am taking my time doing it. I like to notice the little things, they turn out funnier than the big things.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!

    My name is Marianne Lein Moe and I’m a journalist at the norwegian news- and entertainment site Buzzit.no.

    I read your post “Remove this from your Bucket List, NOW” and i thought it was very well written and interesting. I did not know that the life of elephants in captivity are so horrible.

    We often translate good blogposts from all over the world to norwegian and post it on our site. Is it possible for us to do it with your post? I will of course link to your blog and the original post and give you a byline.

    Is this something you could be interested in?

    If so, is it possible if you also could give me the link to the sites where you found the pictures (facebook-post etc) so we can embed it to the post?

    Hoping for a positive response.

    Sincerely, Marianne Lein Moe, Buzzit.no

    1. Hi marianne, thanks for your interest! This sounds great, the more people who know the better, I’m currently driving around Australia in a camper van so I don’t have immediate access to wifi, however I’m staying with a friend on Tuesday so ill try my best to get the links to you then!
      With further regard to the picture links, the hotel’s Facebook took the picture of the baby elephant down so I had to Google around to get it. I hope this is okay for you guys.
      Also feel free to amend the ‘dicks’ comment, I wrote it with a temper and planned to be a bit more, shall we say tame, with my opinions on people!
      Let me know If you need anything else


  2. Hello Larrissa.
    My names Jade Clayson and i am writing to you on behalf of http://www.thailandelephants.org/. This website was developed for travelers to make better decisions in their plans in Thailand. It lists the most ethical elephant camps and gives you all the information you need (google maps, reviews, pictures, information on venues, package types, etc.) It would be really wonderful if you could share our website with travelers and friends! if any of them have been to any of these lovelier venues please get them to write a review. It’s all about spreading awareness and its getting there!
    Our website is very new and is a working progress so please if you have any advice or constructive criticism please let us know. It would be great if you could link or website to your blog!!

    We look forward to hearing from you!!

    Thanks for being great!
    Peace and love. Many thanks!
    Jade (& Gemma) – From ThailandElephants

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