An Australian to English dictionary part I

Because there will definitely be a part II.


So dear readers, I have recently been collecting words that Australians use a LOT and loosely translating them into the Queen’s English for shits and giggles and also because yes,  it is another language.  So let’s dive straight in shall we:

Darl’ > Darling (A term of endearment)

‘Hello Darl’ would you like a beer?’

Band Aid > Plaster.

‘I need a band aid for the cut I got whilst wrestling a crocodile’

Thong > Flip-flops.

‘Where are me thongs?’

Kicks > shoes

‘Where are me kicks?’

Goon / Goon Sack> A common word meaning ‘bag of wine’

‘I slapped the goon sack pretty hard last night’

goon sack

Dusty > Hungover

‘Because I chose to drink goon, I am now dusty’

Duzza > Cigarette

‘I need a Duzza after my fight with a crocodile’

Bogan > Chav

‘That place was full of unfavourable bogans’ bogan









Pom > English person

‘Pom’s are awesome.’

Hoon > Hooligan

‘That fellow was hooning around on his pet kangaroo’

Grog > Alcohol

‘That man in the gutter certainly likes his grog’

An Australian cat

Footy > Rugby

‘I like to watch footy with grog in my hand’

Heaps > A lot of

‘There were heaps of shrimp on the barbie’

(although admittedly, Australians do not say Shrimp they say prawn, just like you and me)

Powerpoint > Plug socket

‘I plugged my snake repeller into the powerpoint’

Sook > a pathetic person/animal

‘he was acting like a sook when the Knights won against whoever it was’

Chook > Chicken

‘Instead of steak on the barbie, lets have chook’

Ranga > short for orangutan, or referring to a ginger person

‘He’s alright, for a ranga’



Oath > ‘seriously?!’ or ‘I swear!’

‘Oath that Hunstman just waved at me’

Passionpop > Lambrini

‘I am more dusty after drinking passionpop than I ever have been after goon’ passion-pop1

Frog and Bone > phone

‘I don’t want to sound like I am from London so I will say frog and bone’

Gumboots > Wellington boots

‘we don’t need gumboots for festivals because its 1 million degrees in summer and never rains’

The Bush > An area where there are little to no buildings…or people.

‘I went into the bush to hunt Huntsman spiders for tea’

what a creep


Tea > Dinner

See above

Vacuum > Hoover ‘I need to vacuum that dirty koala cage’

Pants > Trousers

‘Its no pants Thursdays’

Van > Caravan

‘Lets go to the van for the weekend’

Lolly > sweets

‘We have weird lollies here in Australia’








And now Phrases, equally as important as words when it comes to communicating with an Australian:

Holey Dooley > wowsers

‘You like Tasmania?! Holey Dooley!’

Far out > Really?!

‘You like Tasmania?! Far out!’

Jammed with a Pineapple > Had a bad day

‘He looks like he was jammed with a pineapple’

Flat out like a lizard drinking > very busy

‘I was flat out like a lizard drinking’

what a creep

what a creep

 Come a’ gutsa > fallen over

‘whilst fleeing from a number of poisonous things, he come a’ gutsa’

And last but not least:

Fair Dinkum > you’re kidding/ are you serious?

‘You tamed a Hunstman and now ride to work on it?! Fair Dinkum!’

just because

just because

And there you have it, after over a year here and that’s what I have translated. There will be a part two, and I will be taking any requests or clarifying any fears you have about Australian words, just drop me a line, via the frog and bone if need be.


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